Freeze Dry

“Freeze-drying is quality unattainable by any other method for Fish taxidermy, Turkey heads, Small game and misc.”

Most Common Questions about Freeze Dry Preservation

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is the process of drying animal or vegetable material while it is in a frozen state. Moisture (ice crystals) is removed as a gas, similar to evaporation.

Why does the meat not rot?

Moisture promotes the growth of bacteria. Once the bacteria is absent the deterioration and rot is stopped. We also use preservatives that are injected into the meat and applied to the skin to safeguard against moths and bug infestation just as is used in conventional taxidermy processes.

What effect does it have on muscle tissue?

Because cells within the tissue are being dried while still frozen the cells do not collapse and the muscle itself does not collapse or shrink. The cellular structure hardens to what could be compared to bulsa wood.

Why use freeze dry process?

Freeze drying in most cases leaves the muscle unaltered throughout the drying process. Therefore the finished product is anatomically correct and muscle detail is retained and looks just as it did when the specimen was alive. Freeze drying also makes it possible to mount very small and very fragile specimens and preserve them perfectly.

Will a freeze dried mount last as long as conventional mounts?

Absolutely. Taxidermists have been preserving specimens both freeze dried and conventionally for more than 25 years. Freeze dried specimens will last you a lifetime with proper cleaning and care.
Taxidermists: We offer a full line of wholesale freeze drying and bird taxidermy, specializing in turkeys.